Andy Cohen responds to Kathy Griffin's slams on social media

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Levin had called Griffin on Friday afternoon soon after controversy erupted between Griffin and Andy Cohen who is replacing her on CNN's New Years Eve show.

"Was my boss for 10 years", Griffin later tweeted about the Bravo exec.

On Saturday Griffin posted to Twitter a 17-minute video called "A Hell of A Story", ripping Cohen and Harvey LevinTMZ's founder and guiding force ― in the rant.

Kathy also stated Andy is the only television executive to "give himself a television talk show".

In a no-holds-barred video, comedian Kathy Griffin responded Saturday to a weird and disrespectful interview talk-show host Andy Cohen had given about her shortly before.

Griffin originally responded to Cohen's shady comments via Twitter on Friday, saying: "Even when it's on tape, there are doubters?" "My mom got death threats at her retirement village and my sister, while she was dying of cancer, got death threats at her apartment", she said.

Whoa - and doxxing Levin by publicly handing out his phone number on YouTube?! So the second time I do the show, same thing.he was asking me to do cocaine with him!

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Griffin said she didn't appear on Cohen's talk show again.

Watch what Happens Live host Cohen first said he was "really psyched" about his new gig.

She then claimed: 'The whole time I was working there, I didn't know Andy Cohen wanted to be me. "I know the haters are gonna say, 'Well, If you can't take it, don't dish it out.' But I'm a comic so, y'know, if Oprah [Winfrey] wants to come for me, I kinda deserve it. Ryan Seacrest wants to come for me, all right, all right, I have that coming".

Griffin said: 'He really harassed me and treated me really poorly.

Coincidentally, Cohen, 49, is taking Griffin's old job at CNN where he will broadcast alongside Anderson Cooper.

In the video, Griffin also played a voicemail TMZ's Levin left her and claimed that the website targeted her during the Trump photo scandal because Levin is close friends with the president and they speak a few times a week. "If I just don't return, that's why-because I took a picture of a mask with ketchup on it..."