Audio: SFO tower tries to get Air Canada pilot's attention

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The FAA tells ABC7 News it's investigating an incident involving Air Canada at SFO.

On a recording from the San Francisco International Airport control tower, a controller repeatedly tries to contact the flight crew of a descending Air Canada jet, without success.

In an audio recording, you can hear air traffic control tell the pilots to "go around" five times within 30 seconds, but the pilots never acknowledged the order.

He said the flight crew did not acknowledge any of the instructions and did also not respond to a red light gun flashed at the plane, which is standard protocol when a flight crew does not respond to radio instructions. The FAA said it is looking into the matter.

But Gregor said air traffic control later instructed the Air Canada crew multiple times to abort the landing because the controller wasn't sure whether a previous flight would have completely cleared the runway before the Air Canada jet reached it. "Air Canada is investigating the circumstances".

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Flight 781 landed shortly before 9:30pm local time, and fortunately, the plane on the ground was able to move in time, avoiding what could have been a disaster.

On July 7, an Air Canada flight from Toronto almost collided with four fully-fueled passenger planes, on a parallel taxiway to 28R. According to the FAA, four full planes were lined up and awaiting approval to take off.

In July, another Air Canada plane almost landed on a crowded taxiway at San Francisco's airport. Pilots told investigators "they did not recall seeing aircraft" on the taxiway but "something did not look right to them", a National Transportation Safety Board report stated.

The air traffic controllers thought there was still another plane on the same runway.

"After receiving proper clearance to land it proceeded to do so and landed normally", Air Canada spokesman Peter Fitzpatrick said in a statement released by the airline Tuesday.