China defends Pakistan against criticism by India, US on terrorism

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Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif has said that he has made it clear to the worldwide community that Pakistan can not be held responsible for the United States shortcomings in Afghanistan.

Tillerson told Abbasi that Pakistan is "so important regionally to our joint goals of providing peace and security to the region and providing opportunity for greater economic relationship".

He said the USA dignitaries were told that due to actionable intelligence sharing, their hostages were recovered from Taliban.Foreign Minister categorically said that we clarified that a peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan was in the best interest of the Pakistan.

The mounting USA pressure on Pakistan under President Donald Trump's new South Asia Policy is being discussed as to what exactly Islamabad needs to do to satisfy Washington's "do-more to eliminate terrorism bullying". "(All these) countries advised us to hold talks with United States", Asif told the Senate, Geo News reported.

He said Pakistan had clearly told the U.S. that it would not be a scapegoat in Afghan war , adding that Washington was clearly apprised that Pakistan was not responsible for its sheer defeat.

Asif said that United States has also been told that Afghan ruling elite does not want to end the so-called war against terrorism as they have vested interest and they are making billions of dollars through drug trade.

"Our economic relationship is thriving and we want to expand our 16 billion pound bilateral trade, generating jobs and developing skills", Field told members of the Indian Journalists' Association. "His name is also not in the list of 75 people handed over by the USA, and there is no mention of the place such Quetta, etc, where a militant might be taking shelter", he said.

Asif also mentioned that Jamaatud Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed's name was not on the list of 75 militants the USA had handed over to Pakistan.

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Speaking to Pakistan's leadership on Tuesday after his visit to Afghanistan, Tillerson made the White House's expectations of Islamabad very clear, reiterating "President Trump's message that Pakistan must increase its efforts to eradicate militants and terrorists operating within the country", according to a statement from the US Embassy on October 24.

Asif further informed the Senate that the Pakistani side has told the American delegation that if the latter provides actionable intelligence, Pakistan will act on it.

Asif said that Pakistan entered a massive compromise in the aftermath of tragic 9/11 attacks and is bearing brunt of that till date however, there would be no compromise over national security of Pakistan anymore.

Khawaja Asif said that Taliban and ISIS control nearly 45 percent area of Afghanistan where they have shadow governors, which is enough for them to plan and execute terrorist activities there and that they do not need Pakistani territory of it.

"Despite the U.S. being present in Afghanistan for the past 16 years, their secretary of state could not go out of their airbase in Afghanistan and had to meet the Afghan president inside it", Asif observed.

"In this context, Tillerson pushed for road connectivity in Bangladesh and Afghanistan so that even Pakistan is inclined to participate in the move", the Hindustan Times report said. "After Trump's August 21 speech, we did not compromise on national security nor did we get any dictation from the USA", he maintained. "Let this policy be framed by politicians and policymakers over there", he remarked. "Neither are we supporting them (Afghan Taliban), nor do they need our help", the Pak FM said.

He also claimed that the Afghan Taliban and the militant Islamic State (IS) group are fighting among themselves in Afghanistan.

He said Pakistan had not received any pressing demand from the visiting US Secretary.