Demi Lovato Discusses Eating Disorder, Shares Before-and-After Photo

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But, as impressive as her professional accomplishments are, the 25-year-old singer's proudest feat is likely the happy place she is right now with her life and her health.

Demi still speaks beautifully of Wilmer and how he helped her through tough moments throughout her recovery. With some bumps along the way - who wants to focus on the negative? - they are now seemingly in as good a place in their friendship as ever. "What motivates me on those days is knowing how I'm going to feel after I'm done".

Pop star Demi Lovato has been using dating apps to try and make romantic connections with both men and women.

On when she first met Wilmer Valderrama: "I met him on January 11, 2010".

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Throughout the documentary Lovato shared a number of startling details of her life, from her known battles with drug abuse and addiction-she said she was just 17 and working for Disney when she was first given cocaine-to her struggles with food and body acceptance, which she still battles. "I don't eat anything if it doesn't grow or if it doesn't walk", she told us while discussing her affinity for natural, unprocessed foods.

Dr. Dre's Defiant Ones documentary was compelling and full of great music, but it was also a drum-beating ad for Apple and its Dre-adjacent investments. "The less I have to think about food, the easier it is for me to go about having a normal life", she revealed. "[But] the struggle is still very much there.What's most important to me is that I just keep fighting, and I keep aiming for a goal of complete freedom".

"It's embarrassing to look back on the person that I was", Lovato said, adding, "I think that approach worked for me because ... it was the beginning of the process of surrendering". "Everything that's in there I'm very, very honest about", she explained.

"When I was in a relationship with Wilmer I went three years without purging and when we broke up that's one of the first things I did. And when I feel lonely my heart feels hungry and I end up binging". What started the relapse was missing Wilmer.