Famous billionaire wants to "overthrow" Donald trump

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USA billionaire Tom Steyer of California state kicked off an online and TV advertising campaign against President Donald Trump on Friday, calling for people to write letters to Congress members for the President's impeachment. It's time to begin impeachment proceedings.

In the ad released Friday, Steyer says Trump has edged the country toward nuclear war, obstructed justice at the Federal Bureau of Investigation and threatened to shut down news organizations. "Congress has impeached past presidents for far less".

Steyer's investment comes as he considers a run for political office against U.S. Sen.

Need To Impeach, the group behind the effort, has a letter on its website outlining the case for Trump's impeachment.

But so far, talk about impeachment - or about invoking the 25th Amendment of the Constitution, which would allow the president's Cabinet to remove him from office - has not been embraced by the Democratic Party's leaders.

The ads were not paid through Steyer's political arm, NextGen Climate.

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The adverts reportedly point to a website, NeedToImpeach.com, which features an open letter by Steyer denouncing California Senator Dianne Feinstein, but without using her name.

"Trump threatens our Constitution, our freedoms and our lives".

"Under the new Trump administration, progressives can not consider causes in isolation", Steyer told reporters in February. Steyer also refused to rule out a 2020 presidential run in a September interview with the Atlantic, telling the magazine only that he "will do whatever I think is the most impactful thing that I can do to push what I believe in terms of values and vision".

It's the week's second (at least) launch of a multimillion-dollar impeachment campaign. He has said that Democratic candidates who want his money in 2018 must sign on to his impeachment effort.

"People in Congress and his own administration know this president is a clear and present danger who is mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons", Steyer, who bills himself as an "American citizen", says in the ad.