Google Chrome adds 3 new antivirus protections, improving security for Windows users

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Recently, Google rolled out a trio of new security improvements for Chrome Windows users. Google's Hijacked Settings Detection alerts you any time something you've downloaded attempts to access a setting it shouldn't have permission to.

However, even with sandboxing, automatic updates, and Safe Browsing technology, unwanted software still manages to find a way on to our PCs using Chrome. Anytime Google detects and unwanted program Chrome will prompt users with an alert and offer to remove the program for its users. When an extension malicious change this parameter, the user experience is diminished and may even become risky because the user may be directed to the hacked sites. It gives them the option to remove the software, and notifies them when the cleanup has been successfully completed.

"Sometimes when you download software or other content, it might bundle unwanted software as part of the installation process without you knowing".

However, this doesn't mean you don't need an anti-virus, so be sure to have still it turned on all the time and also get the chrome updated. "It only removes software that doesn't comply with our unwanted software policy". "But in some cases, the changes are so severe that they can make the web unusable-people are redirected to unwanted sites full of ads, and it can be next to impossible to navigate away from these pages".

Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers and already has various tools to help people avoid unwanted software.

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Over a million users have used the hijacked settings feature in the past month to prevent consent-free changes, according to the blog.

It has also redesigned Chrome's Cleanup feature which offers a shortcut to restoring the browser's default settings after an infection.

Ideally the new changes will imply that Google Chrome clients on Windows will have the capacity to appreciate somewhat more genuine feelings of serenity going ahead.

A quick easy way for Chrome Windows users to perform cleanups and stay safer online.