Harvey Weinstein has 'different recollection of events' on Lupita Nyong'o claims

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"I just want to know that we are good", I said.

According to Lupita she passed the offer and Harvey said "So we are done here, you can leave".

"Not long after we met in Berlin, Harvey wrote to me inviting me to attend a screening of a film", wrote Lupita.

Soon after, Weinstein reportedly flew to Arizona to check into a sex-addiction rehabilitation center.

Nyong'o managed to make it out of Weinstein's home safely, with him insisting on pointing out her "stubbornness". Weinstein invited the actress to his CT house to watch a film with his family.

"Harvey led me into a bedroom - his bedroom - and announced that he wanted to give me a massage". I don't even think there is only "a" Harvey Weinstein in Hollywood. "He was not", Nyong'o wrote. She said that she was not assaulted, but she had steered clear of Weinstein since the moment she met him after he made derogatory comments about her pregnancy. Weinstein continued to invite Nyong'o to events, chipping away at her guard by putting on a normal demeanor in group settings and lulling her into a false sense of security that she could be alone with him again. It culminated in a meal in NY in which Weinstein propositioned her - and then, when she turned him down, hinted that her acting career would suffer, she wrote. She had then wanted to change the dynamic of domestic violence, and spoke once at an event with a retired officer about what happens when there is violence in the home.

Dozens of actresses have come forward in the past week with allegations against Harvey Weinstein. I told him I preferred to eat in the restaurant. "A woman should sit and be in her lane, needs to be put in her place because that's what make me (one) powerful and that will not be tolerated anymore." she said.

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He then asked her if he could give her a massage, making her feel "unsafe", she recalled in her New York Times op-ed, which was published Thursday.

At a separate time, Weinstein invited Lupita to the Broadway show, "Finding Neverland", and she went with two of her trusted male friends.

The second and more damaging is that people who surrounded the perpetrators simply looked the other way and failed to confront them. But the statement as a whole has raised eyebrows from many who have suggested there was a racial element to singling Nyong'o out, while remaining silent or issuing generic denials regarding his more than 40 other accusers. What makes the revelations of the disgraced producer, who is now said to be in therapy somewhere, so devastating is that Harvey Weinstein's appetite for young and attractive women seemed to have been an open secret in Hollywood and the entertainment industry for decades.

Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, D-N.D., shared an account from when she was starting out as North Dakota's attorney general, more than 20 years ago.

Since the scandal has exploded, Weinstein has been fired from the Weinstein Co., which he co-founded.

The Montreal actress, who was so far mum about the sexual harassment, going back to mid 2000, reached out to the original reporter, Jodi Kantor, to share her own experience.