James Comey confirms Twitter account that was anonymous

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LawFare blogger Benjamin Wittes-a personal friend of Comey's-has tweeted that the "Reinhold Niebuhr" account using the handle @FormerBu "is in fact, James Comey himself". The account, which was created way back in February of 2014, is named after the late Reinhold Niebuhr, an American theologian, ethicist and commentator on politics and public affairs.

In May, US President Donald Trump fired Comey from his post as the head of the nation's top law enforcement agency - something he only found out about from the news, catching him "flat footed", as the Los Angeles Times put it.

The account has also tweeted out scenic pictures from West Point, Gettysburg and around Iowa.

Comey has since changed his handled to '@FormerBu'. The account never tweeted, though it followed others and liked their tweets.

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On Sunday, he posted a picture of some pelicans, and on Monday apparently copped to being Comey.

Some, given the significance of the location as well as his attire, speculated that Comey could be hinting at a run for office in 2020. Washington Post reporter Robert Costa pointed out that Comey was "wearing running shoes in the home of the caucuses", while Daily Caller reporter Chuck Ross wrote, "Guys, he's not running". At the time, he was still the Federal Bureau of Investigation director and his very public falling out with president Donald Trump was still a ways off.

Alas, the only part of the Monday Comey tweet that has a clear meaning is the sentence about having to write. What's perhaps more interesting is the reference in today's tweet about writing, suggesting that Comey is working on a book of some kind.

And although Comey himself admitted to having a secret Twitter account months ago, there was no hard evidence as to what that account was or if Comey was serious in his admission.