Loose calf runs to Prospect Park, police say

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A cow ran loose in Brooklyn Tuesday morning, trampling a 1-year-old girl and getting hit by a vehicle before being trapped in the Prospect Park parade grounds by police who then awaited animal control.

The bull got loose from a slaughterhouse near 16th Street and 4th Avenue in Sunset Park, authorities said.

No one knows for sure how the bull got loose in the first place or where it came from.

It was then loaded into an NYPD horse carrier at about 1:20 p.m. Add New York as an interest to stay up to date on the latest New York news, video, and analysis from ABC News.

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A wild photo shot from above shows the bold bovine kicking up dust on a street near Prospect Park, according to ABC7NY, which tweeted the image. It did not appear to be seriously hurt.

Its remains unclear where the cow came from or how it got to the NY borough.

At least two other cows were found running through NY since the beginning of 2016.

The New York Daily News reported Tuesday that the loose cow escaped from a slaughterhouse. "Hey, has anyone seen a cow?" the NYC Parks Department joked on Twitter.