New York State governor signs legislation banning public vaping indoors

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When this new measure will be implemented as New York's new law, it will cover vaping in the State's Clean Indoor Air Act.

They believe Including e-cigarettes in the state's clean indoor clean air law will help protect the health of children and hospitality workers. Under current law, only smoking substances containing tobacco, including cigars, cigarettes or pipes, are restricted in public places.

"This new law not only protects public health by restricting the use of e-cigarettes and the public's exposure to smoke-cigarette emissions", said Jeff Seyler, the executive vice president of American Lung Association's Northeast region, but also children, for whom the products are "just another tool reeling them into a risky and often lifetime of addiction to nicotine". The measure bans e-cigarettes in any building, structure, and outdoor grounds in public and private preschools and other schools through high school. E-cigs have become a $2.5 billion industry according to the Centers for Disease Control because they are viewed as safer than traditional cigarettes, although their health effects are not yet known because of the newness of the product.

This bill (S.2543A/ A.516A) would reduce the exposure to potentially risky chemicals for e-cigarette users and those around them.

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"E-cigarettes often contain toxic chemicals in addition to nicotine, something bystanders should not be forced to breathe", state Sen. The release notes that the inhalation of these unknown chemicals could result in serious long-term health complications.

NY is starting to pull the plug on e-cigarettes.

About 70% of the state's cities already ban e-cigarettes, so the statewide policy captures the rest, according to the American Lung Association.

But manufacturers have not gone quietly in the city, mounting several legal challenges arguing that e-cigs do not qualify, because technically they do not emit smoke.