Northwest Indiana groups make pitches for Amazon's HQ2

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The city's bid also proposes improvements to Bennington Street in East Boston and expanding the East Boston Greenway, a roughly $12 million to $16 million investment.

Montreal bidding head Hubert Bolduc, CEO of regional economic development group Montréal worldwide, said the city and province already have numerous available incentive programs for any company moving to Montreal - including lucrative research and development tax credits - but said he could not reveal whether any additional incentives were offered to Amazon. Economic development officials said the city has had informal discussions with Amazon and indicated that tax incentives will be on the table, but said they have not discussed numbers. Among the more desperate offers, the town of Stonecrest, Ga., said it would rename itself Amazon if it wins.

Some cities refuse to give in. The mayor tweeted "WE WANT AMAZON".

New York City lit up landmarks in "Amazon orange" to make a bid.

But on Friday, Tory conceded that the city's scarcity of rental housing could be a serious knock against the bid, describing a recent meeting with a Silicon valley "titan" where "the first two questions that he and the fellow he brought with him asked were about housing".

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One of the showiest stunts was Tucson's donation of a giant cactus to Amazon Head Jeff Bezos, a ploy which was promptly refused by the company. More than 50 cities across the US will be on edge waiting for their announcement.

The company also says it's looking for a tax-friendly climate for it's second headquarters.

Mr. Thomson said there has been too much public focus on financial incentives, and said Amazon's top internal concern is finding a large pool of technology talent.

"It's just staggering, the magnitude of the problem", he said. The company's Seattle offices have sprawled into 33 buildings in the downtown core, and it is seeking a second headquarters location where it can eventually build 8 million square feet of space. If Amazon chooses DE, more than one location could be utilized.

Tatikonda says Indy's universities and experience with supply-chain businesses makes it an excellent fit for Amazon, but he's doubtful IN will land the headquarters. Charles County's proposal outlines the site's unique position to attract and retain talent, foster a sense of place, and promote the county's culture and creativity-offering the best competitive cost/land based option in southern Maryland.