Taco Bell's Kit Kat Quesadillas

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A $1 Kit Kat "quesadilla".

The "Chocoladilla" jettisons the traditional cheese filling and replaces it with bits of melted Kit Kats or Twix, reports Consumerist.

It's only being sold in Wisconsin now and costs just $1.

Brand Eating reports that Taco Bell began hawking the chocolate confection a year ago in several countries overseas, including the lucky UK.

Just in time for Halloween, Taco Bell is testing a new dessert product that some might find downright scary.

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Taco Bell thinks it can sell us absolutely anything with the right marketing.

The menu item was first introduced in other countries as the "Chocoladilla", but it may be getting a new name for sale in the US.

Taco Bell, the Mexican fast food chain of Yum!

Mashable reported today that the fast-food chain has tested the gooey chocolatey concoction in the United Kingdom a year ago and has now brought it across the pond for further tests. I've had crepes with Nutella, so a wrapped up Kit Kat is really not that different.