Trump tells Pence to leave a gay wedding on 'SNL'

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The skit was mocking the men after Pence walked out of an National Football League game - thought to have cost taxpayers $250,000.

But Saturday Night Live audiences won't have any trouble telling the real president from the fake one, because Baldwin's version of Donald J. Trump is a real dum-dum!

"Everything seems very respectful", Pence reports from the ceremony.

But Baldwin's Trump insists that he describe what he sees in detail. He's waiting patiently at the altar. I know in politics you have to be a team player, but come on! "And then I see-uh-oh, there's another groom". "No one should disrespect the sanctity of marriage like that".

Pence has repeatedly clashed with the LGBTQ community throughout his political career, including his support of an amendment in 2006 that would have defined marriage as being between a man and a woman.

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Watch the SNL sketch below. After the cups didn't say "Merry Christmas," Trump demanded the faux vice president leave immediately.

One Trump campaign staffer also told The New Yorker that Trump used to ask people leaving meetings with Pence, "Did Mike make you pray?"

Trump also took the time to respond to Eminem's "nasty" freestyle about him on the BET, which he failed to realize stands for Black Entertainment Television.

Both Trump and former presidential rival Hillary Clinton, who won three million more votes than Trump, have been keen viewers of SNL.