After crotch grab, Baker Mayfield won't start against West Virginia

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Beaty also apologized to Jayhawks fans, saying he wasn't aware the captains weren't going to shake hands.

"No matter how long I go coaching, whatever the rest of my career ends up being like, I don't know that I will ever have a player that is as special to me as he is", Riley said before pausing for nearly 30 seconds. "He's got a great heart that most people don't get a chance to see like I do and I'm damn proud to be his coach". "I understand where they're coming from".

"It's my job to make sure (the players) understand the ripple effects that a decision like that can have", Beaty said.

Beaty said he holds no ill will toward Mayfield.

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"I got caught up in a competitive game, chippy game, but what I did today, tonight, was unacceptable", Mayfield told reporters after Saturday's victory. "But we'll move forward". Oklahoma hosts West Virginia on Saturday at 3:45 p.m. ET.

"It's hard for me to say", Riley said. "I saw one member of their team step forward and not another, and none of ours step forward". Thinking about the kids that are watching this now, it's not something I want to do to the parents out there. "At that point, you kind of understood what took place, and now it was time to deal with it". "When they're not met, there's got to be consequences". It's so much fun.

"But you know, there's things you've got to think about beyond just the moment, and that's what we're using as the teachable moment".