Fans Think Miley Cyrus Is Pregnant Because Of This Thanksgiving Photo

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The post sent fans into a frenzy speculating on whether or not the Malibu hitmaker was pregnant with her first child, but Cyrus didn't wait long to deny the claims.

Cyrus affirmed her supposed bump is not to be mistaken for a fetus, that she had actually just eaten "a sh*t ton of Tofurky".

A committed vegan, Miley shared a few photos that she hoped would encourage people to forego the turkey dinners and try vegan options. She made a decision to quit eating all animal products after the death of her beloved dog Flyod in 2014.

In the days leading up to her Thursday birthday, Hemsworth has been showering Cyrus with presents, including hoop earrings and a "LiLi" necklace that she's been showing off on Instagram.

A food baby is the only kind of baby the 25-year-old has been nursing recently, after celebrating Thanksgiving and her birthday on the same day with an excess of Tofurkey (that's Tofu turkey to those not familiar with vegan cuisine).

Miley Cyrus pregnant with finace Liam Hemsworth husband
Miley Cyrus may have a bun in the oven. Source Instagram

One fan said: "she is pregnant?" as another put: "Pregnant?#happybirthdaymiley❤❤".

Miley posted the below pic for her birthday and Thanksgiving.

Another wrote: "What! Going all out with your baby bump".

Wearing a grey T-shirt which skimmed over her figure, Miley Cyrus appears to be cradling her stomach and posing in a manner which draws attention to her midsection. This is just pressie #1! She stood to the side, placing her hands on top of her stomach and captioned the shot, "So close to b-day time!"

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