George Clooney to Return to Television With Catch-22 Limited Series

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Paramount Television and Anonymous Content are reportedly partnering to produce the limited run series, and expect to begin production in 2018.

The protagonist of the work is a pilot of the US Air Force bomber regiment, Captain Yossarian, who loses his entire crew in Italy. It revolves around the paradoxical rules of the time, which dictated that airmen who felt mentally unfit to fly did not have to do so, however anyone who applied to stop flying was deemed sane enough to continue. Catch-22 was previously adapted as a 1970 film starring Alan Arkin and Bob Newhart. Also on board as a producer is Grant Heslov, who coproduced Argo alongside Clooney in 2012. In the forthcoming TV series, Clooney will step into Balsam's shoes to play Colonel Cathcart, the ambitious and ruthless officer in charge of Yossarian's squadron.

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Catch-22 will mark Clooney's return to the small-screen following his Emmy-nominated turn on NBC's ER. On the big-screen, Clooney's work includes an Oscar win for his supporting turn in Syriana and as part of the cast of best picture victor Argo.

As he grasps that his situation will nearly certainly lead to death, he tries various ways of getting himself out of the theater of combat, only to run up against the army's Catch-22 policy, which states that if one is rational enough to try to evade combat, they are sane enough to continue fighting. Davies is repped by UTA and EML Entertainment; Michod is with UTA.