Google announces Files To Go, takes on ShareIt

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Here's what you need to know about Google Files Go.

First appearing in April earlier this year, and then in September, the banking trojan is back after somehow managing to bypass Google's security protocols that must have been updated to look out for this new malware. Google claims that the app can clean up your phone's space and keep it organised.

How does Google Files Go work?

If you recall, Google accidentally posted an unfinished app on the Play Store, one called “Files Go”.

Once you've given Files Go the required access permission, you will be guided through a few additional steps. Storage tells you how much free storage you have, followed by tips on how to free up space. The cards are all focused on optimising your device. There was even a card that, when acted upon, brought us to settings so we could get alerts about unused apps.

On Monday, Google was revealed to be developing a storage manager with smart features like delete suggestions and wireless file transfer. It also enables you to share the files offline- quickly and securely.

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Files Go is a simply designed app with two bottom tabs. Files Go is clearly meant to rival Apple's AirDrop.

Below the categories is a panel where users can send and receive files. From there, you will be told to: "Ask your friend to open the Files Go app and tap receive".

If you decide to download Files Go you'll find that most of its features are actually focused on saving space on your smartphone.

That said, the app isn't a full-fledged file manager. Once connected, the recipient can also send files to the original sender.

Designed to steal banking credentials and payment information, BankBot tricks users into handing over their financial details by using an interface identical to victim's bank's app. In each of its appearances, it has targeted victims of a specific list of banks and retail clients. With Files Go, Android device owners can maximise their phone's storage.