Google released Datally to manage your mobile data usage

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Unlimited data plans are available, but they aren't as affordable as one might think.

While this app seems like a useful tool, it is globally available for download on the Google Play Store for all phones running Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and higher.

Speaking during a media briefing in Lagos yesterday, Juliet Ehimuan-Chiazor, Google Nigeria Country Director said, "For the last few years, our Next Billion Users team has been doing a lot of research on the ground in fast growing Internet countries like Nigeria".

There are apps out there that help users track their data consumption on their mobile devices.

Now you can better manage the usage of your mobile data. Datally will tell you if you're near public Wi-Fi and help you connect. Well, its got a Wi-Fi finder for areas where you might be able to find one.

The app was inspired by sporadic internet use by commuters and was developed to make it easy for people to stay within their data restrictions by clearly showing data usage statistics and ways to help reduce using the internet too quickly
Google's mobile data-saving app has moved out of beta and renamed to Datally

Google says it's released the app because data is still extremely costly in many countries around the world. If you find an app that's gobbling up a bit too much data, you can block its data connection with a single tap. Try it out and see if it helps you save on data.

The company ran a limited beta test of the app earlier this year and notes that users saved about 30% of mobile data on average when using the application. You can add apps to this list as per your preference. You can even check your data usage for this week and for the month, which will give you an estimate of how you use the data. It records the data and which program uses the data, and provides users with information on that.

Finding quality public Wi-Fi can be a challenge. If enabled, Data Saver will block background data usage and monitor it in real-time at the same time. So, the next time you open the app, all the notifications will already be sitting there, and no fresh data will be consumed.

The Datally app takes about 6MB of space, so it's easy on your phone's storage.

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