Instagram now lets you remix the photos your friends send you

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You can draw on the photo, add text, stickers, etc. For instance, on Tuesday, Instagram released an update, so now you may be asking yourself why you don't have the Instagram remix update whereas all of your friends already do.

Instagram has been under the constant scrutiny where many feel the photo-sharing giant has copied a lot of features from rival Snapchat.

The remix feature is just some silly fun that you can have with friends if you have nothing better to do.

Instagram has rolled out a feature that enables users to edit their friends' photos and send the edited version back.

To use the feature, just tap the little camera icon next to the word "reply" at the bottom of any photo taken by your followers or shared from a public account. As mentioned before, you'll be able to add wacky additions and send it as a reply.

You Can Now 'Remix' Photos Sent to You on Instagram
Instagram now lets you remix the photos your friends send you

All of these updates are now live in Instagram version 24 for Android and iOS.

However, if having your photos remixed doesn't interest you, a One View option can be selected, similar to Snapchat.

Instagram is also tweaking how replays work.

Choose "One View" for messages you want your friends to only see once. Users can also choose "Allow Replay" so that their friends can replay the photo or video if they choose. What makes Instagram's implementation unique, however, is that users can annotate images originally shared by other users.

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