JAMES FRANCO Starring In MULTIPLE MAN Film For 20th Century Fox

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James Franco has signed on to star in the latest Marvel comic being brought to the big screen!

Franco is proving himself to be a jack of all trades in the acting world, and is set to become the next Marvel Comics mutant in "Multiple Man". Over the past few years, the film company has ramped up the involvement and speed in which they release X-Men movies, and with an actor like James Franco on board, we can only expect them to have another success on their hands. He's one of their more "unusual" and lesser-known mutants, but that doesn't stop Multiple Man, a.k.a. Jamie Madrox, from being a character worthy of a solo movie.

Multiple Man
James Franco, Simon Kinberg, 'Wonder Woman' Scribe Allan Heinberg Team On Fox's Marvel Mutant 'Multiple Man'

Franco alongside his brother Dave are now working on "The Hardy Men", scripted by Kinberg and based on the Hardy Brothers character. There will be three X-Men films next year, including New Mutants (April 13), Deadpool 2 (June 1) and X-Men: Dark Phoenix (November 2).

According to the Hollywood Reporter James will be playing the mutant Multiple Man. The movie portrayed him as a villain, played by Eric Dane. It also recently set "Gambit", the "X-Men" spinoff starring Channing Tatum, for February 14, 2019. The movie is now in development and will potentially feature James and his brother Dave Franco as grown-up versions of the teenage detectives. Versions of the character have made small appearances in the X-Men film series, but he's never had a central role until now. However, with The Last Stand butchering stories for the likes of Mystique, Angel, and Juggernaut, Multiple Man was the least of anyone's worries in the grand scheme of things.

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