Lamborghini previews an electric future with Terzo Millennio concept

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The Terzo Millennio concept is the hint of the future for the Italian sports auto maker which has rarely shied away from showcasing its big V10 and V12 petrol power plants across its line-up.

An overarching Terzo Millenio priority, according to Lamborghini execs, is that any electric super cars achieve the same emotional connection and response that Lamborghini owners are accustomed to today.

New Lamborghini Terzo Millennio Concept has received a futuristic body design, which is characterized by high parameters of aerodynamics.

But what's most interesting about the MIT collaboration is the car's carbon fibre body which, Lamborghini says, is meant to store energy.

Lamborghini also pointed out another particularly cool functionality of its future electric vehicle: a track driving simulator. Italian for "Third Millennium", the electrically propelled machine would seem to point the way forward for Lamborghini design and engineering.

But to support this "revolution" in energy storage systems, materials must change, too.

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Designed in-house by Lamborghini Centro Stile, the vehicle takes into account advancing technologies such as an entirely new architecture prioritising high aerodynamics and low drag, and a new composite monocoque tub built in Lamborghini's own carbon fibre plant.

"It will be a big task", he told reporters at the Terzo Millennio launch. The front wings that house the wheels then appear to float off this main body, giving the front-end hints of Aston Martin Valkyrie in profile. It uses supercapacitors instead of conventional batteries, for example, which, while less dense, can charge, harvest, and discharge energy much quicker.

The technological aspects of the new concept have been based on five factors including; energy storage systems, innovative materials, propulsion system, visionary design, and emotion.

The new supercar features four electric motors, together with battery energy storage will be the answer is placed under the body capacitors and an intelligent recovery system. There's nothing really unusual about that as many cars nowadays have individual wheel motors - what is much cooler and more interesting is the way electricity is stored on the vehicle. This would allow further weight reduction with increased use of carbon fiber or the application of CFK to high-fatigue parts. By running electricity through the body, the auto can (theoretically, for now) detect any cracks or other small damage.

In other word's, the car's own body is the battery, which in theory sounds somewhat risky.