Pakistani Bride Accidentally Killed 15 Family Members In Plot To Kill Husband

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A newlywed woman in Pakistan's Punjab province has been arrested on suspicion of killing at least 15 of her husband's close relatives with poisoned lassi as she was upset after being forced into an arranged marriage in September.

The woman planned her husband's murder to avenge her forceful marriage.

The enraged lady mixed poison in milk and gave it to her husband but due to some reasons, the groom refused to consume it, however, Amjad's mother took it and made lassi of that poisoned milk. According to UPI, the alleged lover is a cousin whom Bibi had hoped to marry.

Bibi appeared before a judge on Tuesday, where she told reporters she was angry about her parents' decision to marry her to a man against her will. She admitted she had poisoned her husband's milk, a spokesman for the local police said.

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Instead it was turned into a batch of lassi, a yogurt drink, and served to his extended family. Since the drink was served on 27th October, the death toll has risen. Shortly after their wedding, police said she attempted to escape to her parents' house.

District Police Officer Muzaffargarh Awais Ahmad Malik said the kind of poison used would only be clear after chemical tests on the victims.

The police were led to believe that the milk was contaminated due to a lizard falling in the container. They say Shahid has confessed to supplying a poisonous substance.