Surprise! Apple's flagship iPhone X is the most breakable iPhone ever…

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Now that a number of tests have already been performed (and no, we are not going to add to that list with one ourselves), the verdict is in and seems to be similar across all experiences. Finally, during the bend test, despite some flex, the phone didn't sustain any permanent damage, and passed it with flying colours.

And here's the quoted test results that SquareTrade sent.

Videos of various iPhone X drop-tests have been hitting the web since the new smartphone went on sale last week.

Apple has published a new support document for the iPhone X that explains some of the benefits and risks associated with its new Super Retina display.

With all the attention on OLED screens lately, all eyes - no pun intended - have been on the iPhone X's first use of the technology. According to SquareTrade, which sells smartphone protection plans, iPhone X is Apple's most breakable iPhone to date.

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Apple and Samsung Display have used a diamond layout for the OLED screen's sub-pixels on the iPhone X.

Another criticism of the iPhone X display is its top-notch, which houses all of its front-facing sensors. As these technologies improve, we have seen screens and phone bodies improve with them, including curved, double sided glass (both sides of the phone) and now possibly folding screens (in the near future). For the face down drop test from the same height, the glass screen shattered, rendering Face ID to fail. He also burnt the phone with a cigarette lighter and attempted to bend it, but concluded that the iPhone X is indeed a solidly-build handset that's hard to damage without deliberately trying to do so.

Tumble Test: Sixty seconds in the Tumble Bot was no friend to the iPhone X either. Although the screen was able to recognize touch through cracks suffered during the test, the "home" swipe command failed, stranding users in the app that happened to be open.

To test the iPhone X even further, YouTuber EverythingApplePro chose to place the handset into a bowl, filled it with water then froze it into a block of ice.

So, the conclusion over this reveals that buying an iPhone would be easy for you. Today, new data from research firm TechInsights offers a closer look at what specific iPhone X parts are driving that higher price...