Transgender woman wins Virginia House race, makes history

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Marshall also penned Virginia's so-called bathroom bill, which would have made it unlawful for trans folk to use whichever bathroom they wanted to use.

She also talked about her transition and said: "I started transitioning while working at the newspaper in 2012, began hormone replacement therapy December 3, 2013, changed my name, gender and byline in 2015 and no one cared".

'No matter what you look like, where you come from, how you worship or who you love, if you have good public policy ideas, if you're qualified for office, you have every right to bring your ideas to the table, ' she said.

"History made tonight! #DanicaRoem has just become the first openly transgender legislator in USA history", the Women's March also tweeted. Bob Marshall, winning 54 percent of the 22,000 votes cast in the northern Virginia House of Delegates district outside the nation's capital.

That message hit the sweet spot, as Roem handily ousted the incumbent Republican by almost 10 percentage points, and established a model for future transgender politicians to follow.

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Gerri Cannon won a seat on the Somersworth School Board, and has said she has plans to run for New Hampshire State Representative.

On the campaign trail, Marshall and other Republicans repeatedly misidentified Roem's gender. The Washington Post reports that Danica Roem, a 33-year-old Democratic candidate whose résumé includes journalism experience as well as the lead-singer position in the metal band Cab Ride Home, has unseated 25-year incumbent Robert G. Marshall after a deeply personal campaign that was treated as a referendum on everything from local traffic to national gender norms.

She and her supporters knocked on doors more than 75,000 times in the district, which contains 52,471 registered voters.

Meanwhile, Marshall also built his campaign by running transphobic attacks on Roem and accusing her of teaching pre-school students about gender identity. Kathy Tran, a refugee from Vietnam, became the first Asian American woman elected to the Virgina House of Delegates.

Marshall conceded to Roem in a post on his Facebook page. "Tonight was the opening salvo", Aisha C. Moodie-Mills, president & CEO of Victory Fund, said in a statement.