Trump calls for extreme vetting — NYC TERROR ATTACK

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Unsurprisingly, his response has been more knee jerk than a sober rational reaction to the tragedy. Trump wrote on Twitter.

Police said that the suspect emerged from the vehicle screaming and firing an imitation gun.

The accused was later shot by a police officer in the abdomen. "We're not going to talk about that today", he responded. Uzbekistan, a largely Muslim nation in central Asia, was not part of the ban.

Beyond its discriminatory impulse, there is no evidence that the USA needs to overhaul its vetting procedures.

The latest version of the ban, which would bar most people from eight countries from entering the US, was blocked by two federal judges. "So we want to immediately work with Congress on the diversity lottery program on terminating it".

ISIS supporters have been praising the deadly truck rampage in NY which killed eight people yesterday as law enforcement sources revealed the suspect left behind handwritten notes pledging loyalty to the terror group.

As a federal court of appeals recently concluded, "There is no finding that present vetting standards are inadequate, and no finding that absent the improved vetting procedures there likely will be harm to our national interests".

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It plans to hire thousands of more employees to monitor ads, for example, which will be expensive. Trump has said there was no collusion with Moscow ahead of the election.

Thirty days later, when an apparently radicalized Muslim man allegedly rammed through a crowd of bikers and pedestrians in New York City, killing eight, there was not a mark of hesitation or wariness about disturbing the sanctity of mourning.

Trump, who said he would consider sending Saipov to the Guantanamo Bay military prison, told reporters the United States must "come up with punishment that's far quicker and far greater than the punishment these animals are getting right now".

"Saipov entered over seven years ago".

According to CNN and NBC reports, Saipov left a note in the truck claiming that he carried out the attack in the name of extremist terrorist organisation Islamic State (ISIS). The officials further added that the contents are being investigated and the document supported the belief the act was terrorism.

A measured response may seem inadequate when we are faced with our own vulnerability to violence. "No wonder", he said, at close of his lament, "so much of this stuff takes place".

During the campaign and into his presidency, Trump has been quick to jump to conclusions after reports of an apparent terrorist attack, sometimes within minutes of initial reports and almost always before local officials have officially reached the conclusion that the attack amounted to terrorism.