Trump wants death penalty for NY truck attacker

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President Donald Trump on Thursday backed away from his threat to send the suspect in the NY bike path attack to Guantanamo Bay, acknowledging in an early morning tweet that the military judicial process at the Cuban detention center takes longer than the civilian federal court system.

The maximum penalty for the first is death; the maximum for the second life in prison, Kim said.

The president has also used Tuesday's attack to call for tighter migration controls after it emerged that Saipov was allowed into the USA through a visa "lottery" scheme. "He killed 8 people, badly injured 12", Trump tweeted.

"There is also something appropriate about keeping him in the home of the awful crime he committed", Trump added moments later.

"I appreciate President Trump taking the gloves off when it comes to unleashing our military" on Islamic State, the Republican senator from SC said in a statement Thursday.

In an early morning tweet, Trump wrote that he "would love" to sent the suspect, Sayfullo Saipov, to the military-run detention site at Guantanamo, but lamented it might take "longer than going through the Federal system".

He tweeted again on Thursday, hours after saying Saipov should get the death penalty.

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"The prime minister and President Trump also discussed the need for an worldwide approach to tackling poisonous terrorist ideology online".

Saipov's victims included a mother of two from Belgium and five Argentinian college reunion friends.

It said he was particularly motivated by a video where Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi - the leader of Islamic State - exhorted Muslims in the United States and elsewhere to support the group's cause.

He faces several federal terrorism charges, and Saipov apparently told investigators he "felt good" about the attack, which he had been planning for a year.

"This afternoon the prime minister spoke to President Trump to express her condolences regarding yesterday's terror attack in NY".

He got out of the truck brandishing what turned out to be a paint-ball gun and a pellet gun, authorities said, before a police officer shot him. Public defense attorney David Patton was appointed to represent him.

He added that the USA justice system is "a joke and it's a laughingstock" because it doesn't move quickly enough.