Twitter says it will judge verified users' offline behaviour

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It also said it was reviewing and removing verification badges from accounts that did not meet the rules.

Twitter said that it reserves the right to remove verification from a user's account at any moment without prior notice, and it also highlighted that removal could be a effect of user behaviour both on and off the platform itself.

Today, Twitter admitted its policies in practice contradicted the company's claim that verification isn't an endorsement. "We're doing so after determining that your account does not comply with Twitter's guidelines for verified accounts". Kessler uses his Twitter account to promote "white rights" and "ethnic consciousness" and used it to celebrate the murder of a liberal counter-protester at the white supremacist Unite the Right rally he helped lead earlier this year, claiming her murder was "payback time".

Twitter was open about its failure to address problems with verified badges, which were originally created to show people that an account "of public interest" is authentic.

Twitter is overhauling the way it gives out blue verified badges, and on Wednesday removed them from accounts belonging to at least two prominent white nationalists.

This change is accompanied by a new set of guidelines that allows Twitter to remove verification based on behaviour.

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"Twitter has changed their verification policy just to be able to censor me", claimed Kessler, who describes himself a journalist, while complaining about the deletion of another controversial profile known as "Baked Alaska", a USA white nationalist called Tim Gionet.

They link to the new guidelines over on the official Twitter support site to explain how you can now lose your verified status if you did manage to get verified. Twitter typically declines to comment on disciplinary decisions around individual accounts.

Richard Spencer responded to his lack of verification with a question on Twitter. Multiple tech companies stopped providing services to white supremacists. "We will continue to review and take action as we work towards a new program we are proud of". And while it's unclear what Twitter's final policy will look like, the introduction of offline behaviour to the Twitter rules adds an unpredictable new dimension to its anti-harassment efforts.

"I don't engage in harassment". Violence and unsafe behavior 6. Supporting organizations or individuals that promote the above.

So far, Twitter hasn't exactly outlined why they must endorse the views of those they verify in order to verify them.