YouTube to promote U.S. concert tickets on artist videos

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"Through the Verified Fan campaign for Taylor Swift's upcoming tour, the singer's fans could earn higher priority on the waiting list for tickets by watching more of her YouTube videos".

Starting this week, YouTube will begin to display a new ticket widget just below your video (in the mobile app) or under the video's description (on desktop). First, YouTube will now start to display information about upcoming USA tour dates in the information available on an artist's YouTube videos.

The fruits of a new agreement between YouTube and Ticketmaster will, at first, only be seen in the United States, but the plan is to spread the initiative into other territories.

Listings for concerts will have "tickets" button.

Above YouTube Live shows
Above YouTube Live shows

Now Users of YouTube can buy concert tickets for concerts underneath music videos. This is thanks to a collaboration between YouTube and Ticketmaster.

Google announced a new YouTube feature today that will make it super easy to find and purchase concert tickets.

For now, only artists who have Ticketmaster shows in North America will show up, but this new feature has potential to expand more in the USA and globally. If concerts tickets aren't listed beneath an artist's YouTube video, it's because they aren't using Ticketmaster.

It doesn't seem like it would be an exclusive partnership with Ticketmaster, so in the future, you might even get more options as to where you can get tickets. Aside from YouTube, Ticketmaster's ticketing services have also been integrated with music streaming service Spotify and social media giant Facebook, as pointed out by TechCrunch. YouTube has become one of the largest platforms for discovering and streaming music because of official artists channels and VEVO channels publishing music videos. With a simple click, the platform will redirect users to to purchase the tickets. The feature works in the standard YouTube app but not the YouTube Music app as of yet.

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