Apple Airpods sold out before Christmas holidays

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Apple AirPods are sold out on its online store until next year - but the wireless earbuds may still get a major refresh in 2018.

An excerpt from the research note, published my MacRumors, show "upgraded" AirPods will help shipments will grow 100% YoY to 26-28mn units...

No further information has been provided about the improvements that might be made to the new AirPods.

Apple has already announced a new AirPower inductive charging case for next year. A potential release date, however, is new news. (NASDAQ:AAPL) AirPods as a Christmas gift and haven't done so yet, you're out of luck.

At the time of writing Curry's webpage for the AirPods threw up a technical error, so it would seem there's been a big surge in the amount of people snapping up Apple's fancy wireless earbuds, likely fuelled by sales of the iPhone X across November.

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Apple has sold out for AirPods, its wireless headphones created to work with iPhones and iPads, with a week left until Christmas.

Unlike many of Kuo's predictions about Apple's forthcoming phones and batteries, he does not go into more detail about this particular rumor.

With an AirPods 2 launch date coming late next year, it's possible that they will be intended for use with the next generation of phones.

Kuo did address the current holiday shortfall in AirPods, and believes Apple is preparing to meet the massive demand for AirPods in 2018. Apple, like most smartphone manufacturers, generally sticks to a yearly release schedule when it comes to their new flagships.