BattlEye Has Banned Over 1.5 Million PUBG Players

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A new update has been released for PLAYERUNKNOWN BATTLEGROUNDS on the PC which addresses a variety of map and bug fixes. That's frustrating in any game, but in PUBG, it's a problem that can wipe out your entire match progress in an instant.

A small patch released yesterday that brought an attempt from the developers to reduce intermittent in-game lag and reduces character position readjustment issues.

Those who've been playing Squad in PUBG for Xbox One with three players looking for a fourth know that this is certainly a welcome update.

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PUBG is out now, exclusive to PC and Xbox One. That path toward fixing those issues permanently begins with this patch, as Bluehole has "removed some inefficiencies in server infrastructure and optimized in-game servers to alleviate the problem".

Since PUBG is so successful, we are certain that more developers and publishers will jump on the battle-royale train. There are two key features coming along with this patch. This is done to prevent you from being able to reveal enemy locations to your team mates... so, another unique tactic bites the dust. Of course, this isn't accounting for the sizeable player base built up on Xbox One since it released on the console December 12. Furthermore, resuming a replay will take you to where you left off, so you no longer need to watch them from the beginning.

That being said, one of the biggest complaints still plaguing the title is the game crashing.