Children fight over baby Jesus at Tennessee church pageant

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The cuteness was on display at the First Baptist Church of White Pine when Teegan Benson, 2, chose to go through with a plan she had told her mom about for weeks.

Chaos erupted at a preschool Nativity play Sunday when Mary put a sheep in a headlock and wrestled baby Jesus with cameras rolling.

2-year-old girl who is "obsessed" with baby Jesus just couldn't get through her church Nativity pageant without stealing him from the manger. "Laughed so hard I cried!" she wrote.

Benson told KHOU that her daughter Teegan just loves babies and that she could not deny her love for baby Jesus at that moment.

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The video posted to Facebook by the sheep's mother Tana Benson has gone viral.

Teegan reached into the manger and pulled out the doll, proudly showing him to the crowd and dancing with him.

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"These kiddos are such blessings to us all, and we are happy to be able to share a our joy and some laughs", said Tana Benson, here with daughters Teegan, 2, and Taylor, 11. "I'm really glad that a video like this can bring some light into the season", she said. She described Collia as very bright and a very good girl.