Gigi Hadid & Her Gloriously Fuzzy Armpits Rock Out In Love Mag's Advent

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'Her armpit hair was too distracting for me to watch the vid.

Hadid's video shows her working out in athleisure, punching the air and hitting a volleyball.

Gigi said of her advent clip: "I love seeing everyone else's videos". That should been shaved.

When a sporty and fun new video of Gigi Hadid was released yesterday, people from across the world had two reactions.

A closer look at pictures from the shoot, and one is confused about it all.

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Regardless, it looks like Gigi knows how to #StayStrong!

At the same time, others were super on board and appreciated that Hadid let herself to be much more relatable than other models. From women who've gone viral on social media for not shaving their legs to Paris Jackson speaking out about not shaving either, there's an open discourse that's showing women there's no one rule we all have to abide by one it comes to the hair sprouting naturally on our bodies. Do not like it? "Don't like it? Then leave!"

According to TMZ, Gigi's alleged armpit hair was actually "residue left behind from the jacket she was wearing on set". "It's arm pit hair, and it's awesome that they did this with such mainstream model", one wrote, while another fan writes: "I love this one!" This video was filmed in the middle of New York Fashion Week. "She's not allowed to have body hair during shows", one fan pointed out.

"Dude this is just jumper fluff right", one said while another added: "It's not her armpit hair, it comes from the sweater she wears earlier".