Iranian Teen Sahar Tabar Underwent 50 Surgeries to Look Like Angelina Jolie

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Featured recently in Belgium's Sud Info, Sahar said her goal in life is to look like the Hollywood actress.

Pictured, Iranian Angelina Jolie, Sahar Tabar.Sahar Tabar, Iranian Angelina Jolie: Dangerously determined or destined to be her own super idol?

Sahar Tabar, 19, claims to be a huge fan of Jolie, but instead of simply professing her love for the Hollywood diva and moving on with her life, she made a decision to undergo 50 plastic surgeries so she could resemble her idol.

The teenager is said to idolise actress Angelina Jolie.

Sahar has created a distinctive look, sharing photos on her Instagram with make-up emphasising her full pout and sharp cheekbones, that has some claiming she resembles a "zombie". She is also following a strict diet to ensure that she doesn't weigh more than 40 kg!

To Look Like Angelina Joline, Iranian Girl Undergoes Devastating Surgeries
PICS: 19-year-old got 50 surgeries to look like Angelina Jolie. Now trolls are calling her zombie

There has also been speculation that her look is the result of "photoshopping".

Some concerned followers have commented that she may have taken it too far, with Timon6666 writing, "U were pretty - now u r looking Like Zombie".

In one video she can be seen without her unique nose and cheek bones, though this may be a clip from before her transformation. Which means, depending on her height, she's most likely unsafe underweight. In 2015, a mother and daughter underwent plastic surgery to look like Katie Price.

Wow! To what length would you go to look like your favourite Celebrity?

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