LAPD makes arrest in Wichita "swatting" tragedy

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Officer Mike Lopez with the LAPD tells our partners at KSN News that Tyler Barriss, of Los Angeles, was arrested at 4 p.m. Friday on a fugitive warrant in connection with the incident. Andrew Finch answered his door to find the swat team facing him.

As The Wichita Eagle reported, gamers on Twitter quickly began pointing to an argument over an online Call of Duty match, run using UMG Gaming's platform with $1.50 wager, as the starting point for the SWATting.

It is being reported across the competitive CoD community that a $2 wager match on the evening of Thursday December 28th descended into two team mates arguing with each other after losing the match, and threatening each other to be swatted. The first player, "Miruhcle", apparently sent an address to the second, "Baperizer", essentially egging them on.

Police fatally shot a man after an alleged prank call at 1033 W. McCormick street in Kansas. The user's Twitter account was suspended overnight.

The person who was to be the target of the swatting sent a Tweet saying, "Someone tried to swat me and got an innocent man killed". As it is laid out on Twitter, this man threatened to swat the other, with the intended victim giving his attacker a false address.

Police and the FBI are investigating whether an argument over an online game prompted a hoax call that led to a house where an officer shot and killed a Kansas man who apparently wasn't involved in the dispute.

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The prank is becoming quite popular with online gamers across the country. It is also yet another example of the poor training and resulting police brutality that's endemic in the United States. She said he was unarmed and was not a gamer. "Why didn't they give him the same warning they gave us?"

The Wichita police department issued their own statement on the incident. You can watch the released body camera footage and determine things for yourself, but be warned that it contains graphic content.

Wichita Deputy Police Chief Troy Livingston told the media that the police officer saw Finch reach for his waistband, and believed he had a gun.

Tyler Barriss appears in a 2015 booking photo provided by the Glendale Police Department December 30, 2017.

"Due to the actions of a prankster we have an innocent victim", he said, during a press conference.

"This call was little peculiar for us". That absolutely needs to change. What's more, a cousin reportedly told the paper he "didn't play video games". This was an entirely preventable death, caused by a stranger's malice and a national crisis of police violence. No one should die because a police officer got jumpy. It should never have happened.