LOOK UP: Geminid meteor shower to light up December sky

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But for the next few days, we're hoping the skies remain cloud free because thousands of shooting stars are set to rain down on Planet Earth.

The best meteor shower of the year - annual Geminid - will be at its peak on the night of December 13 and 14, NASA has announced.

Since its first recorded observation in 1833 (from a riverboat on the Mississippi), the Geminid shower has only grown stronger, thanks to Jupiter's gravity tugging the particle stream closer to Earth.

They're not actually stars, of course, but meteors made of dust and grit that light up as they slam into Earth's atmosphere and disintegrate into fiery streaks.

3200 Phaethon will fly past our planet on December 16th only 10 million km away.

"The shower stays active for pretty much the entire month of December in some form or another, but the real peak activity is on that night of the 13th to the morning of the 14th", Chester said.

LOOK UP: Geminid meteor shower to light up December sky
LOOK UP: Geminid meteor shower to light up December sky

"Skywatching is easy. Just get away from bright lights and look up in any direction!" The best places to see the Geminid Meteor Shower 2017 in India are Triund, Coonoor, Tarkarli, Darjeeling, Ooty and Munnar among the other hill stations bordering these regions.

"(It) can be seen with the naked eye, there is no need for a telescope", he said.

To find out for sure though, check out the Met office forecast to see what the weather will be like in your local area.

'Some clearer skies, but further rain and hill snow in the west later'.

The Geminids peak every year around this time in mid-December, but many fail to notice them because it's not only a busy time of year, it's also chilly for us northern hemisphere dwellers.

What are the Geminids and where did they get their name?

The Geminid meteor shower is the only major recurring shower known to come from an asteroid instead of a comet.

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