Netflix Hilariously Calls Out All Its New Xmas Movie's Fanatics

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Americans are upset with the streaming service after it released a snarky tweet aimed at making light of A Christmas Prince's surprise popularity.

It is normal for media subscription services to collect data and develop content to their customers' tastes and Netflix is not alone in calling users out based on that data.

Judging by its official statement about privacy, it sounds like Netflix wants you to know it's not stalking you, but rather using your viewing information to identify viewing trends. However, many people are either unaware of such data collection practices or are indifferent about them, and thus are quite surprised when presented with the facts.

The company has picked up criticism this week, after revealing that 53 people watched A Christmas Prince 18 days in a row.

What's creepy about this unusual statistic, from a company that never shares viewing data with anyone, is that it's able to single out such stats about its users.

But when you step back and think about it, it is deeply weird that corporate brands interact with us on Twitter like we're all just people going through our week.

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Netflix values your privacy - but it's also got a pretty sassy Twitter account that doesn't have a problem poking fun at its users.

-How many employees have access to people's viewing habits?

-Why are they publicly shaming customers?' he tweeted. How do you expect them to recommend new products to their buyers? One user even compared the tweet to "bullying".

But tweeting at us like we're buddies who give each other shit for the things we like and then reminding us that they can see everything we do suddenly made Netflix seem a lot more sinister.

When you start thinking about the amount of data that's floating out there about you, it's better to not think about it.