Obama expected at mayors' Chicago summit on climate change

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When asked what America should do about the "absence", Obama suggested "more focus on putting women in power, because men seem to be having some problems these days".

The 44th President, who helped pen the Paris Climate Agreement which he signed in 2015, said there has been "a pause in American leadership" on the issue.

Obama said despite President Donald Trump's plan to withdraw from the landmark United Nations agreement to limit the rise in global temperatures, the U.S. remained on track to meet it targets.

"Not to generalise but women seem to have a better capacity than men do, partly due to their socialisation", Obama said at an invitation-only event during a visit to Paris. Obama said, pointing to a need for change.

Obama also used the occasion to hone his post-presidential vision of hope and change as he seeks to build support for the foundation he launched in September.

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Macron, who received Obama's public support during his campaign for the presidency, slammed Trump's decision to ditch the climate accord last June, but has since tried to maintain cordial relations with the billionaire.

Obama was speaking before a group of some 800 French CEOS, celebrities and public officials at an invitation-only conference in France called the Napoleons, where he lamented the US withdrawal from the Paris climate accord, an agreement he had signed in 2015.

Though the former POTUS has tried not to tear into his successor too publicly. he has made thinly veiled jibes at his leadership like his tweet following Trump's failure to condemn the Charlottesville violence earlier this year.

Meetings with Hollande and the Paris mayor, Anne Hidalgo, were also on the agenda.

Barack Obama has made a few appearances like the one with Les Napoleons since leaving the Oval Office.