Party Chat Support Arrives for Xbox Beta App

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Luckily, Microsoft listened to its users' requests and made a decision to bring the chat feature into the Xbox app for Android and iOS smartphones.

Now accessible on the Xbox Beta app and first spotted by Reddit users, the new feature makes it possible to use the Xbox mobile app to take part in party chats when you can't be at your console.

The mobile chat feature is still in beta testing mode, and it's only available on Android smartphones for now.

If for some reason you must put down the headset and walk away from your Xbox console, you no longer have to leave your party chat hanging. While many criticized Nintendo's voice chat option because it was only available on mobile devices and seemed convoluted, this will be a nice bonus for Xbox fans.

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Not only that, the app will allow players to chat between platforms, i.e. cross-platform chat between iOS, Android, PC and Xbox players.

This should, theoretically, also work when you're playing an Xbox One game but want to use external speakers for game sound and your phone for chat audio, though admittedly it would be an unintuitive way of doing things.

If you have the Xbox beta app on Android, let us know what you think of this feature and if you would use it frequently.