The OnePlus 5T can't stream HD video from Netflix, Amazon Prime, others

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In order to play HD content, devices need to support Level 1, with the OnePlus 5T now only supporting Level 3. Eventually, the video streaming apps such as Netflix, Amazon Video and Google Play Movies will not be able to stream HD videos on these smartphones.

The absence of HD streaming from such major services certainly feels like an oversight, but it feels more like a hiccup than a dealbreaker.

While the displays of the two smartphones feature high definition resolution, they don't support the correct DRM level for HD playback. The company is aware of the issue and has promised to bring support to both devices. It is unable to stream content from Netflix, Amlagazon Prime, Google Play Movies, and other video services in high-definition, despite its HD-capable display and powerful hardware.

Given that these smartphones from OnePlus support Widevine Level 3 now, it is unable for users to stream videos in HD from these popular apps mentioned above. "I am massively surprised this has not been brought up in reviews/not had a bigger fuss made about as this is completely unacceptable for a brand that is now well established!", whatthefunk said on the OnePlus official forum.

The Chinese manufacturer noticed that many users use these services and watch videos in HD.

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Why can't OnePlus 5 or OnePlus 5T stream in HD?

Do you own a OnePlus 5 or OnePlus 5T and hope this gets fixed soon?

A spokesperson for the company later told The Verge that OnePlus is planning to implement Widevine Level 1 on the OnePlus 5T in the upcoming updates.

Scrolling though the post, it appears they are not the only one experiencing SD video streaming, with OnePlus 5 owners also reporting the same issue. Until OnePlus releases a fix, the users of both the phones will have to stick with SD streaming even thought the phone sports a striking 1080p AMOLED panel.