The only supermoon this year is coming up on Sunday

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January 2018 will feature two full moon supermoons.

A supermoon occurs when the moon reaches its perigee at the same time it is in the full moon phase, said Angela Speck, MU director of astronomy and professor of astrophysics.

Native Americans dubbed December's full moon the Full Cold Moon because it signals the beginning of winter when cold weather fastens its grip on much of the country until spring.

But for those who can't wake up that early, the moon will still look bigger - and brighter - throughout the night.

The moon will be as close to us as it gets on Sunday as it makes its way around its elliptical orbit.


The moon will be visible from Earth with the naked eye, just as it always is.

The full moon will rise in the cold, dark afternoon hours on Sunday December 3, before setting on the horizon the following Monday. It also shines 30% more moonlight, according to NASA.

The phenomenon occurs at the point in the lunar cycle when the moon is closest to the Earth, and the position of the moon to the Earth and the sun means it can be most clearly seen. The scientific term is "perigee syzygy".

However during a supermoon event the full moon comes up to 90 per cent closer to perigee, thus filling up the skies.

What is a supermoon?
The first — and final — supermoon of 2017 will brighten the sky this weekend

In London, the dazzling full moon will begin to rise at around 4.21pm, before setting the next morning at 8.15am.

Have you ever glimpsed a supermoon without realizing what it was? The brightest moon in nearly 69 years is lighting up the sky in a treat for star watchers around the globe. This is also why both times are the best for watching the supermoon. This occurs when the moon is full and at perigee simultaneously.

When these two moments match up, this forms a supermoon.

"It will reach its highest point above the horizon at midnight".

Qatar residents have a good chance of seeing the supermoon and do not need any astronomical instruments for this objective, according to noted astronomer Dr Beshir Marzouk.

Many assume it's hard to differentiate between a supermoon and a regular full moon.

"You can do the experiment with your outstretched thumb. Still, it's a great excuse to just go out and look at the sky", says Nichols. Then do it somewhere else.

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