Trump administration bans CDC from using these 7 words

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US President Donald Trump's administration has reportedly banned the use of several terms and phrases in official documents drafted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta (CDC).

Policy analysts with the CDC were given the list of forbidden words at a meeting on Thursday with senior officials who oversee the budget, according to the newspaper, which cited an longtime analyst for the agency who took part in the meeting, who was not identified because the person was not authorized to speak publicly.

But as Harvard Global Health Institute director Dr. Ashish Jha told Stat News, the decision to censor the seven words will likely force staff to self-censor their work. Of the removal of the phrases "evidence-based" and "science-based", he added: "Simply choosing to ignore reality, science, medicine, will not make these things go away and will not really advance anyone's cause or lead to improved health outcomes".

For decades, the agency has had a mostly sterling reputation as a source of scientific information. The Trump administration is full of risky science deniers who have no business near American public health systems like the CDC. Senior administration officials did not say why the words were banned.

This is Orwellian: Trump admin gives CDC, the nation's top public health agency, a list of words/phrases it is prohibited from using.

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"If you are saying you can not use words like "transgender" and 'diversity, ' it's a clear statement that you can not pay attention to these issues". So it shouldn't come as a surprise that government censorship would be next on the list. But she said she was not at the meeting and did not know who made the language suggestions.

If the Trump administration's priorities weren't already clear after their tumultuous first year, this move to strike words they don't like from their documentation detailing their future plans should make it obvious. Earlier this year, for example, the HHS proposed deleting a question of sexuality form a federal data-collecting survey.

Pelosi, a vocal LGBT advocate, has previously lashed out against the administration's efforts to prevent transgender individuals from serving in the USA military.

Federal officials have pushed back against the accusations, with a statement provided to NBC News from a CDC spokesperson saying the assertions "had mischaracterized actual discussions".