Vikas gets a secret task from Bigg Boss

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Tonight's episode of Bigg Boss 11 begins with Salman Khan making a stylish entry on the stage.

Shilpa performs and she sings Aap Ka Kya Hoga Janaabeali and she gets 77 per cent votes and beats Hina. She says that earlier she had a problem that Puneesh's mind was stuck in Bandgi when she was in the house and was not playing the game.

As Bandgi, Rocky, Akash's mother and Shilpa's brother entered the studio, Salman briefed Bandgi and Rocky about what he has told the housemates. Hina and Puneesh are shocked as Akash's mother also plays along and tells them that Rocky and Bandagi have started dating. Priyank also received quite a lot of brickbats when he body shamed Shilpa Shinde and called her fat. She also asked her why Hina commented on Puneesh's looks. While the other contestants will distract them by throwing smiley balls at them.

Salman Khan Hina Khan Shilpa Shinde
Salman Khan Hina Khan Shilpa ShindeTwitter

After cracking jokes on how Luv had always been lucky, Salman revealed that it was Priyank who was getting evicted as he had secured the least number of votes this week and had to go. She questioned Puneesh on why he never supported Akash in captaincy task. Vikas names Puneesh and says that he has a connection with Puneesh since the beginning. First up is Vikas, who is cornered by Shilpa's brother, who asks Vikas that why was Shilpa blamed for Hiten Tejwani's eviction as it was Vikas's plan all along. Shilpa defended saying how she herself hadn't got a chance to be captain for long and that she have never gone against Akash.

Given the rollercoaster ride of emotions within the house, the friendship between Vikas and Priyank saw many ups and downs, until the two, finally buried the hatchet and renewed their friendship. Soon the housemates are called in a witness box that is placed there and one by one asked questions from the family members. Rocky asks Shilpa that who does she think deserves to win other than her, Shilpa answers Puneesh or Akash, but finally says she should only win. He then asks Priyank a riddle and Priyank is able to crack it. Vikas and Shilpa argue because of statements made about their parents.

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