Avengers Infinity War: Chris Hemsworth SPEAKS OUT on Thor 4 rumours

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Thor: Ragnarok is coming to Blu-ray and DVD on March 6th, that much we know, but to ensure would-be buyers are fully up to speed, Marvel Studios has detailed all of the special features included in the home video version. This is the most delightful piece of footage that could come out of Thor: Ragnarok, which is a movie chock full of delightful, hysterical moments. Why, the blooper reel for Marvel Studios' Thor: Ragnarok, of course! With many wondering about the fate of Thor and the rest of the Avengers after the Infinity War films, Chris Hemsworth revealed that he has been spitballing ideas with Taika Waititi for a possible Thor 4 or Ragnarok 2 as Waititi once put it.

First and foremost is a director's introduction, which will presumably lend Taika Waititi a chance to introduce Ragnarok and its goofy spin on the Marvel template. He said this after finishing his scenes with "Avengers 4", written and directed by the brothers Anthony and Joe Russo.

It's hard to outshine Chris Hemsworth, but the What We Do in the Shadows writer does that in the video above.

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If you walked away from that gag reel and didn't think "I'm going to watch that 10 more times until it's burned in my brain", then you're wrong. However, according to Marvel Studios' current plans, the untitled fourth Avengers film will mark Hemsworth's final outing as Thor.

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