Coach's Jerry Van Dyke Dead at 86

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The actor, comedian and brother of Dick Van Dyke died Friday in Arkansas at 86.

His wife Shirley, who was with him when he passed away, said his health had been deteriorating ever since they were involved in a auto accident a couple of years ago, TMZ reports. No cause of death was immediately reported.

Jerry was best known for his role as Assistant Coach Luther Van Dam on American sitcom Coach.

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As a high school student, Van Dyke was known as a class clown, according to a talent bio. She says they were involved in a auto accident over 2 years ago. and Jerry's health had deteriorated since.

Throughout his television career, Van Dyke gravitated towards projects that would go on to be short-lived, turning down a starring role in "Gilligan's Island" to work on "My Mother the vehicle", which has been regarded as one of the worst television shows of the era. The role earned him four Emmy nominations. "Coach" co-star Craig T. Nelson released a statement to Eyewitness News, saying he is incredibly sad to hear of his passing. In recent years, he was doing quietly marvelous stuff as talkative grandpa Tag Spence on The Middle.