Following Trump tweet, USA to withhold $255 million in aid from Pakistan

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"We have contributed and sacrificed the most in fighting worldwide terrorism and carried out the largest counter-terrorism operation anywhere in the world", Lodhi had asserted.

"The real challenges in Afghanistan were political infighting, massive corruption, phenomenal growth of drug production and expansion of ungoverned spaces inside Afghanistan full of sanctuaries for multiple worldwide terrorist organizations, posing a serious and direct threat to Afghanistan, its neighbors and the entire region", read Tuesday's Pakistani statement.

Some specific actions on Pakistan, which is in the cross hairs of U.S. President Donald Trump for sheltering terrorists, could be expected in the next one or two days, the White House said on Tuesday.

"The administration is withholding $255 million in assistance to Pakistan", Haley said at a press conference.

Trump tweeted Monday the United States had received "nothing but lies and deceit" in return for "foolishly" giving Pakistan more than $33 billion in aid in the last 15 years to fight terrorism. "The President is simply following through on a commitment that he made, because this is a President that does what he says he's going to do". Moreover, Osama bin Laden, the former leader of al-Qaeda terrorist organization (also banned in Russia), who was responsible for the 9/11 attacks, was found and killed by U.S. forces in Pakistan in 2011. He noted that Pakistan and the U.S. were still allies, and the relationship between the two countries had gone through ups and downs. The US president vowed to stop providing financial aid for Pakistan.

"So I think it would be prudent and wise for the diplomats to try to patch this up as soon as possible, and not to push Pakistan into arms of other regional powers, who are quite willing and able to take Pakistan on board", he said.

It rejected as "completely incomprehensible" recent statements and articulation by the American leadership for contradicting "facts manifestly, struck with great insensitivities" at the trust between Pakistan and the US built over generations.

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Haley's statement followed an angry tweet from Trump on Monday that the United States had been rewarded with "nothing but lies and deceit" for giving Pakistan billions in aid.

At the State Department on Tuesday, spokesman Heather Nauert said Pakistan knows what it needs to do, including taking action against the Haqqani network and other militants.

That Pakistan has suffered mammoth losses, and paid irreversible human cost, in the past couple of decades is an undeniable reality.

2018 being an election year means that anti-India rhetoric would've simmered in the country anyway, but the fact that Indo-Pak ties have traced their nadir recently means that both the civil and military leaderships will now have found further common ground. "If the US escalates in kinetic terms with drone strikes outside the established zones, Pakistan can escalate in kind and attempt to shoot down some drones", said Mr. Lalwani. A few days ago, CENTCOM commander General Voetel said that the US was attempting quiet discussions rather than public messaging to Pakistan. "It is natural for us to enhance communication and exchanges", Geng said.

"Patience, positive incentives, and occasional feeble pressure have not induced Pakistan to end its double game".

Hussain added that Trump's comments demonstrate "U.S. frustration at not achieving any stability in Afghanistan after more than 16 years of conflict".