Late Night Hosts Mock Trump for Botching National Anthem

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Television cameras caught the president appearing to sing parts of the anthem incorrectly before stopping altogether throughout segments of the song.

The game, won by Alabama in overtime, featured a number of future NFL players - a group of people that Trump has clashed with over kneeling protests during the national anthem.

In video footage, President Donald Trump can be seen with his hand over his heart as the Star-Spangled Banner starts to play but he doesn't sing all of the words of the anthem. After a while, however, he appeared to lose track of the words, and began singing random words, with no concept of the song's tune.

Kasey Dixon wrote: 'Does @realDonaldTrump even know the words of the Star Spangled Banner?

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There was no such kneeling protest before the game as college players remained in their locker rooms during the anthem.

Donald Trump during the national anthem at the College Football Playoff National Championship in Atlanta on January 8, 2018. The protest was meant to mock those conservatives who often call liberals "snowflakes".

Twitter also noted another ironic moment as Kendrick Lamar, who has been outspoken against Trump, took the stage to perform for the first ever halftime show at the national championship. The photo touched a nerve for politicizing military widows. And if players take a stance again - Trump has referred to them as "sons of b***hes" - you can bet the president will likely weigh in again with comments that get highly favorable marks from many in his base. The majority of black voters disagree with Trump's condemnation of the National Football League protests. He renewed the attack earlier Monday on Twitter.

The president was reportedly greeted with a mixture of cheers and boos while taking the field.