News feed to get a makeover

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Some of what he saw didn't jive with the world he sees on Facebook.

The company says that's similar to how people make friends and interact with each other offline.

Many of these businesses will be affected by the new measure.

"Recently we've gotten feedback from our community that public content - posts from businesses, brands and media - is crowding out the personal moments that lead us to connect more with each other", he said.

It's easy to understand how we got here.

If Facebook doesn't want a certain conservative or liberal publisher in the feed or decides a certain local news publisher shouldn't be there either, that publisher's social media reach will die, causing it significant economic harm.

Mic, Mashable, Bored Panda, and so many other publishers have built most of their business around the content favored by Facebook's ever-changing algorithm.

That innovation, tested in some countries in recent months, would have left commercial posts sitting on a completely separate feed from the main one. Additionally, content from news publishers and brands will be given less exposure on the news feed. In a series of public comments, Mark Zuckerberg acknowledged what many people already knew: Facebook has become an unpleasant place that can make users feel lonely and frustrated.

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Once again, Zuckerberg is pointing towards some sort of return to the old Facebook. That means posts like a friend asking for advice, recommendations for a trip or an article that prompts interaction, according to a post by Facebook's head of news feed, Adam Mosseri.

This will be done by focusing on the content produced by friends and family and not the viral posts.

But Facebook won't be going back to the old linear timeline or anything.

Despite all the reports of fake news, fake Russian ads, and the overall abuse of its platform, Facebook has repeatedly refused to admit it's a media company.

For example, a family video clip posted by a spouse will be deemed more worthy of attention than a snippet from a star or favourite restaurant. Some news helps start conversations on important issues.

He quoted an academic research pointing out that interactions with the loved ones are more healthy and important for a person's wellbeing, instead of just reading news articles or watching shared videos. The social media platform said among its biggest focus areas for 2018 is to ensure that time spent on Facebook is well spent. In that case, you'll see more photos of your friends' dogs or cats or the status update that your friends have liked, regardless of how amusing, interesting they are.

As CNN commented, "With more than two billion monthly users, any change Facebook makes can be a seismic event".

To cement the unholy legacy, Facebook's hordes of lawyers and its top executives continue to claim Facebook is not a media company and therefore should not be regulated in any way. But no, that isn't happening in this update. Mark outlined this in a post today.