Overwatch League Opening Day Peaked at Over 400000 Viewers

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As we reported earlier today, the dust has settled on the first day of competitive action in the Overwatch League. Each of the game's 26 characters receives 12 new skins, each themed around one of the dozen teams participating in Overwatch League's first season.

The next round will pin London Spitfire against Florida Mayhem, Philadelphia Fusion against Houston Outlaws, and Boston Uprising versus the New York Excelsior.

Scott "Custa" Kennedy is the lone Australian face in the league, now listed on Dallas Fuel's roster.

You would've thought the only Chinese team in the league would've picked up the excellent Miraculous Youngster roster, but they didn't.

Blizzard said the company is constantly striving for what Kaplan referred to as a "world class" broadcasting capability that rivals, and may one day exceed, what traditional sports leagues can do. 12 teams are involved in the competition. If it's anything like the rush of launch day, the Overwatch League will truly be something special year in, year out. These are permanent teams based in cities around the globe. The final map on Numbani went to a closely fought draw, meaning Dynasty came out with a narrow 2-1 win.

Ridley Scott 'betrayed and angry' by pay gap
In comparison, Williams was paid an $80 per diem, which totalled to less than $1,000-less than 1 per cent of what Wahlberg got. This would contradict director Ridley Scott's remarks to USA Today in December that "everyone did it for nothing".

The Overwatch League teamed up with HP and Intel to bring the season to the fans. A postseason and an all-star weekend are also scheduled. The inaugural matches are running from January 10th- January 13th. The first match, ever, will be played between the San Francisco Shock and Los Angeles Valiant.

"[The arena] pushes esports to that extra step as being viewed from an online video-game experience to more of an orchestrated sporting event", he said.

The full Overwatch League schedule, as well as results and standings, can be found on the official website.

Overwatch League's two-year deal to stream its matches on Twitch is the biggest such contract in esports history, worth at least $90 million ( £66 million), according to a new report from Sports Business Journal.

The American video game publisher - maker of the massively successful competitive first-person shooter Overwatch, which had a player base of more than 35 million players as of last October - has chose to double down on the game's popularity by running a season-based competition similar to what one might find in traditional sports.