Past Female Golden Globes Winners to Empower Your Mood

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British actress Emma Watson wore all-black at the 75th Golden Globes Awards in solidarity with the movement against the epidemic of sexual harassment in the entertainment industry and beyond.

Streep, nominated for her portrayal of Katharine Graham in The Post, is bringing Ai-jen Poo, director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance and organizer of immigrant worker women.

"People are aware now of a power imbalance, and it's something that leads to abuse".

Susan Sarandon brought Rosa Clemente, a political commentator.

Amy Poehler posed with Saru Jayaraman, workplace justice advocate for restaurant workers.

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The actress, who will be presenting at the event tonight, walked the annual event with Marai, the leader of Imkaan, a United Kingdom -based women's organization that is aimed at responding to and preventing violence against black minoritized women and girls.

As we wait for this year's red carpet to kick off, take a look back at some of the biggest stars' first ever Golden Globes looks. "A lot of women say they've been sexually harassed but didn't do anything about it because it was never as bad as when they were young women working in restaurants", she says.

Emma Stone brought the woman she played in the film "Battle of the Sexes" - tennis legend Billie Jean King. She hopes that her time in the Golden Globes media spotlight will help the momentum that already has New York governor Andrew Cuomo moving to change the lower wage for tip workers law in New York State. "Every generation has to fight for equality and freedom forever". "So it's now Emma's turn to do that".

Streep added that women feel "sort of emboldened in this particular moment to stand together in a thick black line dividing then from now". "It's got to stop right now".

Laura Dern brought Monica Ramirez (not pictured), Deputy Director for the Labor Counsel for Latin American Advancement. The organization was formed in 2011 and its goal is to "unify the struggle to promote farm worker women's leadership in a national movement to create a broader visibility and advocate for changes that ensure their human rights", according to the group's website.