Pyongyang Names Delegation to Attend Talks with South Korea

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"Considering that a variety of channels will be necessary if we assume that the Unification Ministry will be taking the lead in inter-Korean talks moving forward, I think they took the right approach to appointing people [to the negotiating teams]", said Cheong Seong-chang, a senior research fellow at the Sejong Institute.

The decision to hold the bilateral meeting came after the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, expressed in his New Year's message a desire for rapprochement with the South and to send a North Korean delegation to participate at the PyeongChang games, which led Seoul and Washington to postpone their annual joint military drill - seen by the North as a rehearsal for invasion - until after the Games. However, boycotting North Korean athletes could potentially obstruct the little bargaining power the South Korean government holds over its neighbor.

Regardless of its narrow, primarily sporting agenda, the meeting will be closely watched by world leaders eager for any sign of a reduction in tensions on the Korean peninsula amid rising fears over North Korea's development of nuclear weapons and defiance of United Nations Security Council resolutions. As the vice minister of the government department responsible for the Pyeongchang Olympics, Roh will be capable of discussing various matters related to North Korea's participation in the Olympics.

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On Monday, the South Korean Foreign Ministry said the Japanese and South Korean delegates to the six-party talks on denuclearizing North Korea agreed to step up diplomatic efforts to tap the "peace momentum" on the Korean Peninsula to resolve their nuclear tensions with Pyongyang.

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Jon Jong-su has also attended various inter-Korean talks, beginning with the inter-Korean summit in June 2000. It's not my understanding that they're going to talk about anything further.

Hayley stressed during the interview that USA tension with North Korea is a "serious situation, and [Kim] can't sit there and imply that he's going to destroy the United States without us reminding him of the facts and the reality that if you go there, it's not us that's going to be detroyed, it's you". "What he has basically said is, yes, there could be a time where we talk to North Korea, but a lot of things have to happen before that actually takes place".

South Korea's President Moon Jae-in persuaded the United States to delay joint military exercises until after the Olympics in a bid to reduce tensions and possibly create room for diplomacy. That conflict ended in a ceasefire and technically the two sides remain at war. "They have to be willing to talk about banning their nuclear weapons".

The South's delegation also includes Vice Unification Minister Chun Hae-sung, who has a range of experience in inter-Korean talks. Committee vice chairman Jon Song Su and Hwang Chung Song, a director, will join Ri.